Inside Mosul: April 12, 2017

Detailed updates from Islamic State militant-held areas of Ninewa province, gathered via Iraq Oil Report's network of reporters and contacts.
Inside Mosul: April 12, 2017
Iraqi Army forces, which previously fought against IS militants in Anbar province, pass through Kirkuk on their way to participate in the liberation of Mosul. (KAMARAN AL-NAJAR/Iraq Oil Report)
  • Amidst heavy clashes, Iraqi forces struggle to hold Tanak neighborhood
  • Iraqi forces attack IS positions in Maydan, Daka Birka, and Faruq Street areas
  • Iraqi forces gain territory in Wadi Akkab, including part of industrial area
  • IS militants execute civilians trying to flee, and blow up a building holding over three dozen people

Editor's Note: Iraq Oil Report gathers daily updates on security and humanitarian developments inside Mosul city and surrounding IS-held areas in Ninewa province from a network of local reporters, residents, resistance fighters, and IS militants. Because of the physical risks associated with information-gathering in these areas, these reports are not comprehensive, and many cannot be immediately confirmed via multiple, reliable sources. Nonetheless, we believe there is a significant public interest in publishing this reporting.

The Custom Research Service of Iraq Oil Report also collects hard data on violence in IS-held territory, compiles maps and analysis of trends, and tracks economic indicators including commodity prices. For more information, email Custom Research Service Director Jared Levy at

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