Iraq Oil Report is the world leader in providing business, political and security news and analysis on Iraq. Through our network of analysts and journalists located in Iraq, we provide the most up-to-date information on all current and future developments in the country. With years of experience in Iraq, the Iraq Oil Report team knows the decision makers and policy influencers in the country. We work closely with key individuals from Iraq’s oil and energy ministries, as well as other government and business leaders, providing unparalleled access to information on the country’s most important sectors.

Services provided to clients include:

The Team

Ben Lando | Iraq Bureau Chief

Ben Lando is founder and Iraq Bureau Chief of Iraq Oil Report, the best source for news, analysis and information about the country's energy, political, security and society. He manages a network of local and international reporters and researchers, as well as the company's news, custom research and photo divisions. Ben has briefed public and private investor groups, diplomats and American and other political leaders about Iraq. Ben has reported from a dozen countries on energy, political and security issues, and has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and Time Magazine, and is currently a Contributing Editor at Platts. He has been based in Baghdad for over three years, and travels throughout Iraq.

Ben Van Heuvelen | Managing Editor

Ben Van Heuvelen manages our editorial team, coordinating Iraq Oil Report's news coverage and reporting frequently from Iraq and the region. His reporting and analysis also frequently appears in the Washington Post and Foreign Policy. Ben has briefed investors, diplomats, and NGOs on Iraq's political and business environment. Prior to joining Iraq Oil Report, Ben was a research fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington, DC., and the chief researcher for two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author Steve Coll’s new book “Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power”.

Patrick Osgood | Kurdistan Correspondent

Patrick Osgood is Kurdistan Correspondent, focusing on the development of the region's energy industry and related issues. He is based in Erbil. He previously reported on upstream oil and gas in the GCC countries, Iraq and North Africa for a Oil & Gas Middle East magazine and website, based in Dubai. Patrick originally trained as a lawyer in the United Kingdom.

Middle East Analyst

Our Middle East Analyst leads Iraq Oil Report’s research and analysis, with a focus on Iraq’s oil and gas market. She has more than five years of in-country experience, having been a political and market analyst for a major US oil company and an intelligence program manager for a risk and security consulting firm.

Social Development Consultant

Our Social Development Consultant has over ten years of experience – six in Iraq – working for major oil and gas clients advising on community development, socioeconomics, stakeholder engagement, grievance management, resettlement, and community investments. She has lived in communities throughout Iraq which provides her unique insight of interest to international companies.

Security and Risk Analyst

Our Security and Risk Analyst is responsible for Iraq Oil Report’s analysis of security and political risk. With seven years of experience in Iraq, he has served as a Country Manager and an Operations Director for two of the largest security and risk-management companies operating in the country.

Ground Truth Researchers and Analysts

Our more than two dozen researchers and analysts located in every province of the country have years of experience in Iraq. They know and have built relationships with the decision makers and policy influencers in the country.