A worker climbs a drilling rig at the Rumaila oil field. (BEN VAN HEUVELEN/Iraq Oil Report)

Iraq oil production rising, but not as high as hoped

Budget cuts at Iraq's largest oil projects reflect the Oil Ministry's softening ambitions for long-term production targets.

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Q&A: Deputy Oil Minister Dhia Jaffar

Dhia Jaffar, the head of Iraq's state-run South Oil Company (SOC), announces the opening of a new single point mooring (SPM), part of Iraq's expansion of its southern export infrastructure. (ALI ABU IRAQ/Iraq Oil Report)

The new refining chief says Karbala is on track, Missan is behind schedule, Nassiriya is open for offers, Kirkuk is ready for financing, and Basra can dip into petrodollars to build a new one.